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Slim Minimalist Wallets Guide

The Slim Wallets from Kisetsu: Expanding Freedom through Minimizing

The Freedom of Slimming Down

There are many ways a person can “slim down” in today’s fast-moving world. We see friends losing a couple pounds, cutting back on unnecessary spending, and focusing in on the important people and priorities in life all with the intention to live happier lives. 

While these various routes can bring people great joy, there’s another way to slim down that enhances life in so many facets that those who try it rarely look back. 

This major trend - and pop word buzzing in and out of various magazines and websites - is minimalism

Slim wallet AKI from Kistesu Thin Wallets

This term can be identified as a movement; as a lifestyle. It’s all about shedding the unneeded weights in life - first material then beyond - that keep people from unlocking their full potential and living their best lives. 

The minimalist aesthetic suggests balance and a sense of self-certainty and success because, if to live minimally is to shed baggage, all that’s left to shine for the world to see is who you truly are. 

If you’re one of the thousands of people out there indulging in this simple yet stunning lifestyle, the Aki minimalist slim wallet from Kisetsu is the one material thing worth adding to your life.


The Maker’s Mission

As a company, Kisetsu believes that people are disillusioned to think they need a lot more than they actually do. The products they make - all a part of a unique collection of stylish, incredibly slim wallets - embody that belief.

Think about it. Right now, how much useless junk do you have in your wallet or your purse? Go on, check.

It’s very likely that in your wallet alone there are an assortment of old receipts you don’t need to keep, expired gift cards you could get rid of, and that lucky $2 bill that would look much better clipped to your refrigerator.

Kisetsu recognizes this quality in people, and the company’s founders, a group of four passionate friends with a mission, have been creating innovative wallets that allow their users to cut back on things that clutter their lives and allow them to focus on the essentials. 

kisetsu aki wallet

Kisetsu focuses on aesthetic beauty and simplicity in their design while maintaining the necessary functions of their products. By using high-quality materials and advocating for a better life through the minimalist principles, this forward-thinking company is inspiring many to convert to a totally new way of life - all through the vessel of a well-crafted wallet. 

While the Aki is their newest model with some stunningly inventive features, Kisetsu has produced other high - quality wallets that informed their thinking in their creation of the Aki. 

The Haru and Natsu wallets are small, sleek pieces of technology that give owners the freedom to have the bare essentials while remaining stylish and feeling secure. 

NATSU slim minimalist wallet


NATSU slim minimalist wallet


But Kisetsu recognizes that a large portion of the population prefers a bi-fold wallet so they took on the task of making the best bifold wallet on the market, their way. That’s where the Aki comes into play.


That’s where the Aki comes into play.

It’s understandable that you may be a bit skeptical when someone says the words “bi-fold” and “slim” in one sentence. As a society, we have grown accustomed to this type of wallet carrying everything we need it to but being extremely bulky in the process.

What sets the Aki apart is its ability to truly serve the same function as a standard bi-fold without the added clunk. This wallet is genuinely slim enough to slide seamlessly in and out of pockets with no effort, and - unlike traditional bi-folds - you can hardly tell it’s there at all. It’s really that slim.

To show the world just how ideal this wallet is for the sleek, sophisticated minimalist aesthetic and easy use, Kisetsu put together this comparison that shows a standard bi-fold right next to the Aki. Which one would you rather carry around?


Design for the Minimalist Lifestyle

We’ll get into the specific breakdown of features and why they make the Aki a high-quality, one of a kind product, but first let’s take a look at the thing that automatically intrigues users about this wallet: the aesthetic appeal. 


The design of the wallet was created specifically with minimalist visual imagery in mind, and it really lives up to the expectations when you see the final product. As we’ve pointed out - and will continue to do because we’re really that impressed - the wallet is incredibly thin, but the looks of the wallet go far beyond its mere size. 
Because the minimalist aesthetic strips away any unneeded fluff, each detail, no matter how small, is noticed and tells a story.
And the Aki tells quite a tale. When closed, the Aki is almost a perfect square. This shape is incredibly pleasing to the eye and the simplicity makes it a subtle yet striking addition to any minimalist outfit, suggesting balance and structure. 
Unlike traditional wallets - which are often clunky with many visible compartments to hold the necessary IDs, cards, cash, and coins - the Aki wallet is a minimalist dream. 
All the compartments - and believe us, there are many - are seamlessly tucked out of sight. Without the visual eyesore of a cluttered wallet, users are free to pull out their Aki with confidence that they are presenting themselves as put together, stylish individuals. 
The Aki is available in multiple colors, all being solid tones that are prominent but not overly bold or distracting. Users are able to pick their poison and choose between an earthy brown made with Crazy Horse Leather, or full-grain leather of blue, tan, or black. 
No matter the specific design was chosen, each of these minimalist designs is subtle enough to slip into the facade but also speak volumes through the simplicity, truly allowing users to express their individuality and their dedication to the minimalist movement.

Let’s Talk Features

 The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Because we all can see that the Aki looks good, but what are looks if the product is not also functional? Rest assured, this wallet has it all. Here’s a breakdown of the components we thought were most impressive, useful, and downright revolutionary.

Built-in RFID Security

When it comes to protecting personal identification and finances, finding the right wallet for the job can be a daunting task. Many brands advertise safety features, but many of those products still have flaws that can endanger the user’s security. 
That’s one of the important features that set the Aki - and all of Kisetsu’s products for that matter - far above competitors. The high  -  quality leather used in constructing the Aki is built specifically to prohibit anyone stealing personal information from a RFID card. 
For those who are unaware, RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and allows users to conveniently make payments and access information without making direct contact via swiping their credit card or inserting a chip into a reader. 
While these abilities make life easier in many ways, they also make it easier for information to be stolen. The intelligent folks at Kisetsu wanted to create a safe experience for their product users, so they lined their wallets with defense mechanisms against RFID readers. With the Aki, you don’t need to sacrifice visual appeal for security.

Ninja Slot for Ease of Card Access

 This feature was a user favorite from the Haru design, so Kisetsu carried it over into their Aki wallet, and we sure are glad they did. This smart little feature allows users to keep the card they access most often in an exterior compartment with the ability to pull it out quickly for frequent action. 
The compartment keeps the card totally concealed from view, but gives the user the freedom to easily slide the card up with the slide of a finger from the compartment when needed. Not only does this compartment keep your ID or credit card hidden from view, but it gives users the freedom to easily access their cards as needed with no hassle.

Elastic Band for Cash

We’ve all opened our wallet to see a mass of crumpled up bills before. Cash organization is one of the key features the Aki emphasizes and the payoff is huge. It really is easier to keep cash crisp and neat in the Aki than other bifolds. 
This is because of the revolutionary elastic band the company employs instead of the typical folding slot we see in comparable wallets. 
The band allows users to easily slide bills in and out of the secure elastic, while making it easier to finger through the cash to see what’s there.
This makes life monumentally simpler by forgoing the process of pulling out a stack of bills to find the right one. Simply skim through the tightly secured pile, pull out what you need, and you’re on your way. 
Plus, no matter where you travel you can rest assured the local currency will fit into the Aki. As supporters of the minimalist lifestyle, the folks at Kisetsu made sure the Aki would be an asset while traveling, not a hindrance.

Interior Card Storage

The Aki utilizes different techniques to give users the optimum card storage capability. It really is amazing how many cards this little guy can hold. An interior elastic compartment allows users to hold up to 8 cards that are used less frequently - like membership cards and various IDs - while maintaining the ability to easily access them when needed with a small pull tab.
There’s also an interior slot that overlaps this compartment where you can store a card or two of more importance. The design of this simple component is specifically crafted for ease of accessibility, with a slight curve in the material allowing a finger to simply pull the card out of the slot.
When you choose the Aki, it’s a guarantee that absolutely no more effort needs to be exerted than there should be. This wallet gives users the ability to store all anyone possibly could need, without the awkward process of digging around for the right card every time you want to buy a round of drinks for new friends.

The Bonus Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

Not only does this compact, sleek wallet have all the things you need, but it has, even more, features that sneak into the picture and make a huge difference in your day to day life.
While many of us have grown accustomed to groaning at the sight of change, this unique wallet enhances the game with a convenient no-slip coin slot for easy access and organization.
Additionally, the Aki features a secret slot for a SIM card, allowing users to transport important information safely, with peace of mind that the card won’t disappear into a pocket or crevice of a purse.
This intelligent wallet even features a handy slot for a pen and comes with Kisetsu’s own Everyday Pen. All these added components make this small, stylish wallet the essential tool for everyone.
From travelers to business people and everyone in between, the Aki wallet gives users the freedom and capability to move through their lives with ease, security, and utmost minimalist style.

The Ultimate Verdict

All in all, the Aki wallet - or any product in the Kisetsu collection - is a quality purchase. Kisetsu’s products have largely been funded through Kickstarter initiatives, allowing them to follow their true mission without any unnecessary influence from demanding investors.
Exemplifying the true minimalist lifestyle, this unique company creates wallets that help users tap into their core instincts and shed all the weight they don’t need. The Aki is a sleek, smart piece of technology with many revolutionary features and, although you can probably cram more into your old bi-fold wallet, there is no wallet of its size that matches the storage, function, and style of the Aki. Order today and secure your two  -  year warranty with this life-changing minimalist slim wallet, and open the door to new possibilities and a new way of living with more freedom, more ease, and more happiness.
AKI slim minimalist wallet - best minimalist bi-fold wallet