Why Do You Need A Thin Wallet?

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Reasons Why You Should Slim Down Your Walletslim card holder leather wallet Haru Natsu Aki

Let’s be honest, we all want a fat wallet stacked to the brim with $100 bills, maybe a few pieces of pure gold coins as well. But, no one really carries a fat wad of cash nowadays with cashless payment systems paving the way worldwide. 

Thin is in.

The reasons why wallets evolved to be as minimalist, thin and slim as you see today was because the thick, bulky wallets create more issues than they tend to fix. Fat heavy wallets are an eyesore and it can be a chore carrying one around in your front or back pocket.

Whereas, minimalist wallets hold just enough cash you need, together with the same number of cards. It also forces you to choose what you need and discard old receipts, useless cards and dated name cards so you will not have a problem looking for that specific card when it comes to making payments.

Slimmer = Lighter
Slim leather wallet kisetsu haru

Yes we get it, bigger wallet means you can stuff business cards, coins, bills, receipts and loose change. However, due to all these unnecessary items, you will begin to feel the weight and heft when you carry your wallet in your pocket after a prolonged period. Making the switch to a slim minimalist wallet will ensure that you only carry what you need, making your wallet lighter.

Your Posture Will Thank You

You might be wondering why carrying a slimmer wallet can improve your wellbeing. Since you will certainly be carrying a regular-sized wallet in your back pocket, doing so can actually worsen your posture.

Nerve pain, such as sciatica and piriformis syndrome, can result from sitting improperly since your posture will likely shift to one side when you place your wallet in either of your back pockets. Even if you decide to carry your bulky wallet in front, it would feel uncomfortable when you are seated down due to the strain in your trousers accommodating a bulky wallet.

Less Chance Of Pickpocketing

If you are heading to a crowded place or even overseas, it’s not a good idea for your wallet to be visible. Chances are, you will attract pickpockets whom are apt at spotting and targeting victims whose personal belongings are more obvious. With a bulging wallet, you will definitely be a target. However, with a slimmer wallet, you will attract less attention to yourself and have a safer place to put it other than your front or back pockets without taking too much space.

Thin Wallets Are More Stylishslim card holder leather wallet Haru

That’s the reason. It is what it is. Thin wallets are so much more stylish due to their sleekness. Making the switch to a slim and minimalist wallet does not mean that you will be compromising on style or functionality. There are many options available, like the Haru wallet. With a wide range of colors and designs, you will be spoilt for choice! Built with crazy horse leather and protected with an RFID component, you can be assured that your personal information will not be skimmed by criminals.

Streamlining Your Cards and Cash
slim card holder leather wallet Natsu

In an increasingly cashless society, credit and debit card payments are getting widely adopted worldwide. Carrying too much cash may pose a risk, and it might be safer carrying cards which can be accounted for if it is lost or stolen especially if you travel overseas. Not to mention, using a thin wallet will nudge you to declutter those month-old receipts you stuff at the bottom. Streamlining and decluttering your belongings can be beneficial to your mood because less mess, less stress. 

Make The Switch To A Thinner Wallet Today!

Now that we have got you interested. Check out Natsu and Haru Wallets. Both wallets are made of high quality Crazy Horse Leather that comes with RFID Protection with the ability to store up to 6-8 cards with a cash compartment. Choose the color that best suits you and rock it well!

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