What your wallet says about you

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What your wallet says about you

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Even before you open your wallet, it already speaks volumes about you. Its style, condition, color and content can all reveal details about your personality. A wallet gives us subtle hints into how a man spends his money, his thoughts and how at east he is in his own skin.

The type of wallet (leather, bi-fold, cardholder, velcro, even a money clip) gives us hints that enable us to assess a guy's neatness, organization skills, pomposity, responsibility, and other traits. Like a purse or a handbag for a woman, the wallet is the equivalent for a man.

Remember that episode where George Coastanza opened his overflowing wallet on Seinfeld and revealed a bi-fold larger than a hamburger to Jerry? That episode hit home with the audience because it was so accurate. Here is our take on what kind of a wallet maketh a man.

The No Wallet

Red flags warning! When a man does not carry a wallet, it looks bad. Either you are irresponsible or unprofessional. Nothing is more off putting than a man scrambling about looking for cash or credit cards in his pockets. Maybe you are looking for a free meal, maybe you’re not. But if you are trying to nail down a decent date, do yourself a favor and get a wallet.

The Bi-fold

Slim Aki Kaizen Leather Bifold Wallet

Ah, the absolute classic. Are you a yuppie young 30-something trying to excel in the finance-bro world of Morgan Stanley and Elon Musk? Or did you buy this for yourself as a not-so-subtle signal to the world of your coming of age?

With sufficient compartments and a timeless silhouette, the Bi-fold is a type loved by many for its functionality and ability to mold itself to your backpocket. You can put sufficient cards, cash and photographs everywhere you go. Those carrying this classic wallet prefer simple, quality things in life.

Where to get a good bi-fold wallet:

We'd recommend the Kaizen bi-fold wallet. Clad in Crazy Horse Leather and finished in Vintage Brown, Graphite Black, Wine Red and Steel Blue colors. It goes beyond versatile and is a fit companion for the discerning individual.

 Slim Aki Bifold Leather Wallet

Another bi-fold you can consider is the Aki Bi-fold Wallet. This Bi-fold is allows storage for multi currencies, cards, RFID protection and even a SIM card slot & ejector, perfect if you are a globe trotter. It also carries seamlessly into your smart pants for work. 

The Bulging Wallet
Fat Leather Wallet Bifold

Dude, your name isn’t George Costanza. Even if you are, it’s not attractive to see anything bulging from your front pocket (or back pocket, bless you). Do yourself a favor and get rid of expired credit cards and unnecessary receipts from 10 years ago. Stop living in the past, no woman or man wants to be friends with someone who does not look to the future.

The Velcro Wallet

If you are way past puberty, we question your social skills. Unless you’re an attention seeker, it’s not cool ripping that velcro wallet apart and announcing your presence when you are looking to pay for stuff.

The Card Holder 

leather card holder wallet Haru Kisetsu

This guy. What an efficient lad. Any guy who can fit his business cards, licenses, and credit cards into a wallet this small must be organized. He may also be at ease with himself because he doesn't feel the need to impress ladies with his financial possessions or credit standing.

Where to get a card holder wallet:

The Haru - As slim as they come, Haru features a discreet compartment for your cash. Measuring 3.85" x 2.95", it can fit up to 8 cards while keeping its shape streamlined and slim. Designed in Crazy Horse Leather with RFID protection, those with this cardholder following the mantra 'less is more' when it comes to style will be pleased with a side of brilliance.

The Coin Pouch

Do you live in a vending machine?

The Money Clip

What a show off. It looks like you’re bringing your life savings in the fifties and hundreds around. Perhaps your need to brag overcompensates for something else. Everyone likes money, but no one likes a pompous a-hole. Ditch it ASAP!

The Absolute Minimalist

For the Marie Kondo enthusiasts or absolute minimalists who are looking to make just the right amount of statement. You know exactly what you want and you keep things simple - no frills, no mess.

leather card holder wallet RFID Natsu Kisetsu

Where to buy a minimalist wallet?

Check out Natsu by Kisetsu. Natsu comes with RFID protection, the ability to store up to 6 cards, a cash compartment and a coin/key slot. Those carrying this wallet show off their individuality and mean business.

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