The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Leather Wallet

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Making your wallet last longer: Leather care and maintenance

 If you are using a wallet you had bought for many years, chances are you would not want to part with it because you have grown to love the size, familiarity, and heft of your beloved leather good. However, it is vital that you should keep your everyday wallet cleaned and well maintain to extend its lifespan and usability.

We want you to enjoy your purchase for a long time. From the moment they are crafted in our workshop until they arrive in your hands, they need to be cared for appropriately. With Kisetsu’s leather care guide, we hope to impart you some leather care knowledge so that your leather goods will look as good as new in the years to come! Day-to-day care and maintenance to minor repairs and leather cleaning will be covered in this article.

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How to look after your wallet

As we all know, hoarding is a bad habit. All leather care experts will tell you that stuffing a wallet with business cards, receipts, and a bunch of coins is generally a bad idea. It makes your wallet heavy and fat in your pocket. Do take the time to clear your wallet of expired coupons, old receipts and keep your business cards in a card holder like a Haru. 


If you are the kind that puts your wallet into your back pocket, sitting on a fat wallet can cause back pain. In the back pocket, the wallet sits between your sciatic nerve and your hip joint. This can cause discomfort due to pressure on the sciatic nerve which leads to back and hip pain eventually. Sitting on your wallet can also alter the form and shape of your wallet, causing it to be deformed in time to come.

Getting your wallet wet detrimental to its lifespan. If you are caught in a rain, or if you accidentally spilled your drink on it, you should always dry it with a paper towel or a soft cloth before allowing it to air dry in its natural position, closed and folded. Do not leave it to dry opened as it will lose its form. Do take note not to use any appliances with heat to blow-dry your wallet. This may cause the leather to crack and dry, ruining it. Always try to dry your wallets quickly as moisture can cause mold to grow on the leather, making it harder to remove.


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Store your leather product away from direct sunlight as this can cause your wallet to fade. If you are alternating between wallets for the week or occasion, you can always store it in a dust bag to prevent dust and avoid scratches. Avoid using plastic bags as it may trap moisture, causing mold to form.

Leather cleaner and protector

 Cleaning your wallet regularly to maintain its look and form

We clean our cars, our cupboards and our home far more often than we do our wallets. Keep your wallet clean and disinfected by wiping it once every week with a clean damp cloth. Take the time during cleaning to inspect your wallet for any dust, dirt and scratches. Purchase a good leather cleaner made for cowhide leather. Apply your leather cleaner on a small section inside of the wallet fading or leather discoloration.

If there is no visible reaction to the leather after testing the leather cleaner, you may use the leather cleaner on your wallet. Apply the leather cleaner on a clean damp cloth and use a gentle circular motion to clean any dirt, dust or pocket lint from your wallet. Any tough stains can be rubbed away using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rub off the excess leather cleaner with a dry cloth.

Conditioning Your Leather Wallet

To keep your wallet supple, follow up with a good leather conditioner to replace the leather moisture lost during the cleaning process. Always test the conditioner first, like you did with the cleaner before applying it to your wallet with a clean cloth. Let it seep into your wallet for five minutes before removing the excess with a dry cloth.


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Dos and Don’ts

  • Do regularly wipe your wallet with a clean soft cloth
  • Do regularly air out leather goods
  • Do wipe excess water or moisture from leather as soon as possible
  • Do use a leather cleaner to clean your wallet (Test leather cleaner on small section of wallet - preferably inside of your wallet before cleaning wallet)
  • Do use a leather conditioner after cleaning wallet
  • Do test any leather product on an inconspicuous spot beforehand
  • Don’t get leather wet
  • Don’t immerse leather in water to clean
  • Don’t dry leather wallet with any heat appliances like a hairdryer or leaving next to a radiator
  • Don’t iron leather

Giving your wallet a good thorough clean thrice a year goes a long way in prolonging the lifespan of your wallet, enabling it to last you for many years.

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