Kaizen Review - The Most Intelligently Crafted Slim RFID Wallet

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I’ve been using the Kaizen wallet for 2 months now and I thought it would be a great time to give my honest review of it. For contextual purposes, I have been using the Bellroy Slim Sleeve and the Secrid Slim wallet in the past, sometimes I alternate between the two.

I got the Kaizen off Kickstarter some months back and it’s been a joy to use it.

Here’s my review.

1. Holding Capacity

It holds a recommended total of 9 cards. I managed to fit 12 without issue. The wallet doesn’t really get any bulkier. It’s a great amount but the Bellroy Slim Sleeve could hold around 12-13 cards. Then again, does anyone really need that many cards?

4/5 Stars

2. Smart Card Arrangement

The card compartments are well thought out. The main card area in the pull-tab section holds 5 cards which you don’t really use, but you kinda need to bring. (you ID, Drivers license, other random cards)

On top of that section, there is a quick access slot for 2 of your most used cards… ie, your credit cards.

In the cash compartment sports two more card compartments that is made for your subway card or namecards. Well placed and easy to retrieve. Love the amount of thought that went into this.

4.5/5 Stars


This kinda takes the cake for me. The coin slot is genius. Instead of a button or a zipper, it has some sort of under flap system that blocks coins from coming out. 10/10 for design here because not only does it function well, it keeps the wallet even slimmer.
It holds some coins but i mostly use it for my keys. 3 keys and 5 coins in total.

5/5 Stars

4. RFID Protection

What Kisetsu did with the Kaizen wallet is kinda cool and convenient. They only made one side of the wallet RFID protected. The left card compartment in the cash slot, (on the same side of the coin compartment) is not protected. Which means when I'm commuting on the subway, i don’t have to remove the card from the wallet to do the tappy thing. Absolutely loving the convenience.

5/5 Stars


Yes, you heard me, the wallets comes installed with a pen. Because why not? How many times have you been caught without one?

The wallet also comes with a SIM CARD EJECTOR PIN? These guys have thought through everything. There’s even storage for your Sim card and SD card. (my take is that a lot of their customers have been photographers)

Because i now carry a pen with me everywhere, i purposely whip it out to sign for bills. Heh.

5/5 Stars

6. Aesthetics

It’s a really handsome wallet. I’ve read through their design philosophy and here’s something you probably didn’t know about the wallet. Those cut corners are not for fun. They are entirely functional!

Because here’s the sing, over time, edges of leather wallets wear out or get soft etc, these cut corners not only look unique and contemporary, they will make sure that the wallet stays good looking.

The leather, this Crazy Horse Leather which is apparently their signature sauce really has got me in love. It starts off all rugged and dry-like but 2 months in, a patina shine has magically developed (maybe I've got sweaty palms IDK) but Woah, it’s completely changed in character.
Kinda like a rebel teen transitioning into a find gentleman.

My guess is that some people might not enjoy this transition on appearance. To each his own!

4.5/5 Stars

7. Final Verdict

4.5/5 STARS!
I’m loving every day I have with this wallet. It has really brought great value to me. It does way more than just hold my money. It’s a true companion. No wonder they took 2 years to make this.
Great job Kisetsu. You’ve made a loyal fan.


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