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Take a moment to stop and observe, all of us are burdened one way or another.

It is these things that wear us down. The worst kinds of burdens are the ones that don't even feel like burdens. These are the types that have buried themselves deep into our lifestyles that we don't even realise that they're there.

Here at, we try our best to rid ourselves of these burdens, through our products. 

Phones have become pocket computers, your homes are now smart and you can make payments with a wave. Everything has moved up. It would only be natural that our wallets did too. The age of bulky brick wallets have long past. 

We've gotta smarter too. We've realised that hey...most of us only use a maximum of 4 cards for daily use... and we've already transitioned to a slimmer wallet. 

The less we have worry about the better. 

With the advancements in how we make payments with our cards, comes the danger of information theft. It is now also easier for a person to steal another's credit card information without having to even touch them. 

This poses a serious security risk and we've addressed this by making sure all Kisetsu's wallets are RFID protected.

RFID Protection

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency-Idenfication. Most credit cards have an RFID Chip that holds payment data. 

So what is an RFID Wallet? In essence, it drastically reduces the risk of a successful scanning/skimming attempt by anyone. Thus, keeping your credit card information safe. 

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