Benefits Of Owning a RFID Wallet

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What is RFID Protection and why you might need it?

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With the introduction of contactless credit cards and smart passports, concerns about RFID theft have increased. The idea is that people can use remote scanners to read or skim the information on your cards and use it to either make fake payments or commit other types of fraud. 

In certain instances, RFID skimmers have been found on card insert points on ATM machines essentially collecting days worth of card information. 

Here’s where it gets somewhat scary. Credit card companies send you alerts when suspicious activity is detected, however this is not always the case. Most of the time only large payment amounts get caught in the security net, allowing the card owner to put a stop to the payment immediately and request a new card. 

It’s in the best interest of RFID data thieves to keep the integrity of their list of stolen card information strong that they would instead use these cards for smaller transactional values but in volume. This would then allow them to “milk” their list, while staying under the radar. 

How you can stay vigilant:

Consider where you live

Do you live in a densely populated environment like New York, Hong Kong or Singapore? Skimming of your credit card data oftentimes requires close proximity. A scanner would thrive in a crowded environment like trains or buses.

Consider the technologies used in retail payments

Are contactless payments often used in your area? Does the gas station accept that? Have you heard the term “Pay wave” ? If most places around you accept these forms of payments, the risk of data theft will be higher.

Read your credit card bills, thoroughly

Reading bills and statements can be a painful thing to do. We understand, we hate it too (heh). Read through every single line and make sure every purchase was an authorized one. If you do find any discrepancies, call the card company for assistance.

ninja slot in action on the aki wallet

And Finally, Protect your cards!

Remove yourself from the risk altogether when you hold your cards in a RFID protected wallet. There are a whole host of wallets by different brands that have integrated RFID protection, so there will definitely be a wallet that can suit your needs. Alternatively, if you are passionate about your wallets well thought out and intentional, we do recommend taking a look at our wallets. We have both slim and conventional wallets that will delight you in more ways than one. 

All Kisetsu wallets have built-in RFID shields that specifically prevent unauthorized data collection at a frequency of 13.56mHz, the operating frequency of contactless payment cards.


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